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"The World's tallest wooden building" - a unique project

Vest Kran is very pleased to be part of the pilot project "The World's tallest wooden building" to be built along the waterfront at Puddefjord Bridge in Bergen.

The "World's tallest wooden building" has been planned since 2007, and is now in the process of realization. The municipal council has now given its final yes and completion is scheduled for autumn 2014.
The sales phase of the high-rise, that has been nicknamed "Tree", is well underway, and at the time of this writing, 14 of a total of 62 two- and three room apartments are sold. The 50 meter high wooden building is planned along the shoreline south of Puddefjord Bridge, and is a unique project with respect to the development of the Damsgård area of ​​Bergen.
In connection with the sale there has been set up an apartment module that will give potential buyers an idea of ​​the upcoming apartments. BOB is the builder of the project and has come up with creative solutions in connection with the beginning of the sale, where they among other things have lifted interested parties 50 feet in the air to get the feel of how it feels to live in the "World's tallest wooden building."
Vest Kran has been given the job of both the installation of apartment modules, and assembly of the building itself. - It's exciting to be part of such a pilot project stated engineer in Vest Kran, Kim Emblem.
The project will demonstrate how BOB can build urban housing with high land utilization, while choosing materials that meet future requirements for sustainability and greenhouse gases. The Tree building is based on support structures of glulam and apartments built as modules. 95% of the wood will be from Norwegian forests. The modules shall initially be built in 4 level intervals. There will be built platforms on the 5th and 10th floors which will be anchored to a support system of laminated wood. The platforms will be strengthened by 3 m high lattice beams of laminated wood, and then stacked additional four modules of four floors. To avoid that the building will sway in the wind the laminated construction is reinforced with diagonal laminated wooden beams. The modules will also be connected to the grid system to mitigate fluctuations in construction.
There is planned a high degree of prefabrication both with the modules and support structures in laminated wood in addition to the coverings of the corridors, stair structures, balconies, shaft walls and elevator shaft. This will reduce installation time on site and BOB hopes that the extensive use of prefabrication will make this a pilot project also in the industrialization of the building process.
The modules will be transported by boat to Damsgårdssundet, and assembled on site.
Vest Kran was in Damsgårdssundet in connection with the preparation of the demo module built. Ole Kleppe, Project Manager, BOB said he was very pleased with the assistance of Vest Kran in connection with the discharge of the demo module. - This was a very good exercise, so that we are well prepared when deliveries of modules to the world's tallest wooden building arrive in about a year.
Vest Kran is looking forward to following the project further and are ready for starting the installation as soon as it is ready for implementation.

Video from the job site here:





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