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Bryne received green windmills for Christmas

Vest Kran installed Norway's first windmills with green certificates on Jærens steepest peak.

The founder and CEO of Solvind, Jan Thiessen owns and will operate the windmills that now rises over 60 meters in Lye mountain in Bryne. He is very happy with the crane work that the Vest Kran has done.

- They worked through heavy weather and wind, and did a good and experienced job. Due to the challenging weather they admittedly could not manage to keep the deadline, but the people of Vest Krab gave everything and did what they could to keep it.

Now, the windmills are ready to be used, but Thiessen and residents must wait until the end of February to start, because equipment from the power supplier remains to be installed.

- Yes, it's a good feeling that they are standing, and we look forward very excitedly to get them into operation.

Also the locals are looking forward to this, according to Thiessen. They have always been positive about the project.

New Projects

Now the entrepreneur and his employees excitedly await feedback from the Environment Ministry. The next two projects on Storøya onKarmøy and on Hå, will both have Enercon turbines. It is then likely that Vest Kran will take care of transportation and lift there also.

- It is the vendor who coordinates everything regarding transport and installation. When the crane specialists of Vest Kran are involved, we feel that the assembly is in very good hands.

Power to homes

The two new wind turbines will provide enough electricity to heat a third of all houses on Lyefjell. That is around 250 homes.

The Wind farm at Lyefjell Bryne is the first in Norway to adopt the system of green certificates, which was introduced from January1. The scheme in brief, is that the manufacturer can sell power at subsidized price to their customers.

The company behind the wind power initiative has estimated that the certificates will give them 15 øre per kilowatt hour of electricity produced or around 700,000 to 800,000 kroner per year. This allows the 20 million project to be profitable, writes Stavanger Aftenblad.

The agreement between Norway and Sweden has the goal that the certificate system will provide 26.4 TWh from 2012 to 2020, divided by 13.2 TWh in each country. This corresponds to a production of about eight power plants.

 - A little wind, must always be considered

- I also think the lift went very smoothly. There was some wind days that delayed us, but the wind, must always be consodered with. Windmills are typically constructed on windy sites, says department manager for heavy lift, Gert Emblem.

He says that Jærens steepest slopes up to Lyefjell offered challenging transport conditions.

- But we managed with good planning to get this completed in a way that went beyond all expectations.

Gert looks just like their colleagues forward to do more work for the Solvind and Enercon.

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