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Record assembly

Record assembly
The windmill Park at Høg-Jæren is rising with record speed. Vest Kran mounts amazing 3 Siemens mills per week.

The installation of the wind farm at Jæren has started at Hellandsmyra at Time og Hå. The first of 32 turbines are erected by Vest Kran and the crane company is responsible for the handling and hoisting of the elements and technicians from Fairwind assemble the components. The large CC 2800 crawler crane is perfect for this job because the machine can run the access road between the mills and thus reduces rig time between operations significantly.

"We are confident that this will go very well," said Lars Helge Helvig, general manager of Jæren energy that builds the wind park in an interview with the Stavanger Aftenblad.
Vest Kran won the contract with Siemens in February and returned the confidence by being able to mount an incredible three mills each week on average. This is a "world record" and achieved very rarely. Vest Kran is a supplier of assembly and, through its ownership of Fairwind built up a solid expertise with this type of operations.
Site Manager or foreman on the good Norwegian, Rune Rikstad, said this was mainly due to good planning.

- With the right machines and experienced manpower, we have achieved a lot, but the progress is not least due to good planning over several years before we started assembly. The importance of good logistics can not be stressed often enough and is essential for efficient operation. The crews are working very well together and have a unique understanding of each other's work. These are experiences that are valuable for both customers and suppliers," said the experienced liftspecialist.

Vest Kran has for years worked closely with the developers and provided advice and facilitation for the progress and practical details of the project. This work involved several trips into the field to assist planners with practical advice in relation to infrastructure. An important example is the accurate working drawings of how the components are stored on site before installation, where engineers in Vest Kran outline the optimal placement of components in relation to equipment and procedures.

- We have acquired extensive experience in construction and maintenance of wind farms from all over Scandinavia in recent years. The knowledge of our crews working on these operations makes such an efficient progression, says Rikstad.

The costs of construction and operation of the parks can grow to large amounts and it is not unusual to reach a daily running price of several hundred thousand NOK. For developers and owners of wind farms there is often very large economic and time savings when using the best solutions. Good planning, flexibility and the right equipment can reduce the development by many days, maybe weeks, on the larger projects.

Manager for heavy lifting in Vest Kran, Gert Emblem, is clearly impressed by the efforts of their employees.

-Management in Vest Kran is very proud of their workers who take responsibility and enable a progress which reverberates in the industry. Our customers often noted the professionalism of the workers at the plants. They particularly like the flexibility and the solutions the staff proposes. The customers often save large sums on the advice of the guys on the floor. Our customers deserve the best and I know Vest Kran proves worthy of the trust regardless of challenge with such people on the payroll, says Emblem.

Høg-Jæren Energy Park

A project company has been established for the High-Energy Jæren Park, Jæren Energi AS. Jæren Energy partnered with Eurus Energy Europe in 2005 and formally joined as a majority shareholder in the company in August 2007. Eurus Energy is the world's 10th largest wind power producer with over 50 wind farms in operation worldwide. Vest Kran has the contract for installation and setup of mills.

Wind conditions

The most important condition is stable and relatively strong winds. Wind Data from Høg-Jæren warrant further 3300 hours of use which is very good in this context.
The wind farm on the Høg-Jæren will consist of 32 2.3 MW Siemens and will produce about 250 GWh / year. There is power enough to cover roughly 36 000 people, significantly more than the lives in Time og Hå. The wind farm will mean an investment of around 630 million.

The current site for wind mill park Hellandsmyr on Skjæret on the border area between Time og Hå municipalities. The area has a total area of ​​about 6 km2 and a hill rising from 210 to 260 meters above sea level. The area is a typical coastal landscape dominated by the regulated and non-regulated land, with a mixture of stone and bolders of moraine ridges covered with heath and flatter marshland.

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