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New Regional Manager - East area of Norway

An experienced guy in the crane industry.

Yes, for lack of experience is not what describes Vest Kran's new regional manager for eastern Norway, Ivar Sveen.

Sveen has worked in the crane industry for approx. 20 years with references like Asbjørn Olsen and T.O. Bull. He worked as a crane operator until 2006, when he started as a crane coordinator and project manager.

Sveen is originally from the scenic pearl Lofoten, and has also lived in Narvik, before he in 1987 moved to Oslo. Sveen has good local knowledge of the eastern area and the crane environment in the area.

With Vest Kran equipment fleet of mobile cranes and crawler cranes from 50-600 tons, as well as crane trucks, forklifts mm. Sveen has more than enough to keep busy. It helps that he has a lively interest in cranes, and with his long experience in the discipline he has developed a great knowledge of the subject. Through his role as coordinator and project manager, he is used to schedule jobs, and to follow up customers - and he is good at contact management, if we interpret the praise we've heard him correctly. The value of human contact with customers is something Sveen sets high and he points out that when customers are happy, they come back again.

As a planner and coordinator, one needs to be organized, and not at least have a strong focus on HSE. Safety and planning work takes more and more time of the day, and one thing both Sveen and Vest Kran set very high. As a former crane coordinator Sveen knows very well how important it is to assess the risks of the jobs to be done, and coordinate the various operations on construction sites. - It is important to have proper routines for planning and documentation for all jobs - this is alpha and omega Sveen says, pointing out among other things the importance of SJA.

But planning a lift project is about more than the actual lifting operation. It is also very important to coordinate maintenance of equipment. - Good maintenance practices and documentation are also part of the safety, and the service, we provide. We rely on that the machines are in good condition to perform the work they do.

Sveen points out that it is important to motivate employees in these areas. The industry regulations on HSE are becoming stricter, and you have to motivate the employees to follow the requirements. The requirements are here to stay and will probably follow in most disciplines.

Motivating employees is achieved by creating a pleasant and friendly environment in the workplace, which Sveen is very focused on. The goal is to be a safe and healthy work environment for employees, and a safe and good supplier for customers.

We at Vest Kran are very happy to have Sveen on our team and are looking forward to good cooperation into the future. Sveen's goals bode well for the future. Sveen is committed that Vest Kran will become the best provider for our customers. He is also keen to make Vest Kran as employer satisfied, his target is to double the revenue for the eastern area - part of a long-term strategy in Norway for becoming a better nationwide crane supplier.

We are delighted to welcome Sveen, and hope that he will have the chance to develop his skills and enjoy his stay with us.

We wish Ivar Sveen the best in his new job here at Vest Kran.

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