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Exprience in combustion plants

Vest Kran arrived in the small romantic town Lidköping in September 2011. The goal was Lidköping Varmeverk (heat and power plant).

This is according to Managing Director Morten Martinessen the 3rd incinerator Vest Kran is helping to assemble in Sweden. The largest of these is Sysav recycling center in Malmö in 2003.

Since 1998, Vest Kran participated in the assembly of 11 different incinerators in Scandinavia.

Vest Kran's first experience was BOB Incinerators, Rådalen in Bergen in 1998.


Vest Kran has - based on rich experience - established efficient procedures for these types of projects and participates early in the projects to provide the right equipment. Often the facilities are in operation while the project is ongoing and there are strict requirements for the execution of lifting assignments and coordination. It must always be a strong focus on HSE, while steady progress must be maintained. All transportation must be coordinated so as to avoid complications in the operation.

The operation, however, must give way when making the heaviest and most complex lifts. In January this year, the kettle and ECO was lifted into place in Lidköping Varmeverk. For the lifts a 600 tonn crawler crane was used. This is according to Morten Martinessen a very challenging job that required enormous precision and advance planning. All production at the incineration plant was stopped and there were many people who had come to see that everything went well. It did. The lifts were very successful, and production could soon continue as before.

Project manager Issa Kidess and his fabulous crew is always at the forefront of good plans and solutions for our clients and has done an excellent job on these projects.

Vest Kran employers verify ongoing efforts in the project and contribute to good follow-up and working environment. Vest Kran is very satisfied with the principals and good partners in Lidköping, and look forward to the remaining time left here says Morten Martinessen.


In incineration plants waste is converted to slag, ash and combustion gases. In this way, you get reduced volume and weight of the masses which simplifies the transport and deposition.
Incineration of waste results, however, in combustion gases containing pollutants such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride mercury vapor and various organic micro pollutants.

Emissions of these substances can be reduced significantly by using modern combustion technology.

In Norway, there are strict requirements for purification of combustion gases. The tools vary with the size of the plants. For small plants cyclones are often used, while in the larger plants electrical filters are commonly used.

Energy source

The energy produced by combustion can be transmitted in the form of hot water to residential areas, town or city.

The heating plant in Lidköping provides 90% of heating requirements for residencies, and approx. 60% of the industry in the area.

The plants

As a result of strict environmental standards, the number of waste incineration plants decreased from 48 in 1989 to 23 plants in 2010. On the other hand, the amount of waste incinerated has increased dramatically.

Vest Kran has so far worked on 8 different incineration plants in Norway.

Most incinerators also act as heat for district heating plants. Among these are Klemetsrud energy recovery, where household and commercial waste from Oslo and neighboring cities is recycled and used in the Oslo district heating plants and the production of electricity. Klemetsrud were upgraded in 2011 with a new oven line, and Vest Kran made willingly their cranes and personnel available for the job.

In our "hometown" Bergen, Vest Kran helped to build the BIR 2 incinerators in  Rådalen. The first in 1998. BIR's incinerator produces heat to BKK district heating plants supplying Kokstad and Bergen.

Other incinerators Vest Kran has worked on include:

  • Händelö Kraftvärmeverk, Norrköping
  • Forus, Stavanger
  • Heimdal Varmesentral, Trondheim
  • Returkraft, Kristiansand
  • Haraldrud, Oslo
  • Trehjørningen, Hamar

Video clip of the latest project can be seen here:


Safety and experience provides results

Managing Director Morten Martinessen points out that a strong safety philosophy and experience leads to Vest Kran seeking these types projects. -Part of the excitement of working on such projects is that these projects often consist of workers from many different nations, which help us to build a large network. Vest Kran really looks forward to working on similar projects in the future, he concludes.







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